I so vividly remember sitting at a basketball game and catching a glimpse of a mom friend of mine snuggling with her son in the bleachers. I snapped a few photo's and fell in love with the feelings of that one photo. You could see the emotion, the love and the affection. It was then in that moment I realized I wanted to capture more moments like that. I wanted to create unique photo sessions . My desire is to capture stories that become conversation pieces on your walls and throughout your home. 

I'm a photographer in North East Ohio and Sessions with Hazel Eyes are fun & relaxing. I offer an experience! I have a lot of patience and have a way of making all my clients feel comfortable and at ease. I love being creative, even a little goofy at times, and can really pull out the personality of my clients. When you look at your Wall portraits I want you to feel the emotion!

Besides spending time with my husband and two boys, I love to read and find it relaxing.
I love trees - they portray great strength and make me more aware of a connection larger than myself.

A few of my favorite things also include Frogs, Sea Turtles, listening to music, & drum solo's

I can't wait to learn about you!!!


Thanks for stopping by!

Blessings & Joy,