I so vividly remember sitting at a basketball game and catching a glimpse of a mom friend of mine snuggling with her son in the bleachers. I snapped a few photo's and fell in love with the feelings of that one photo. You could see the emotion, the love and the affection. It was then in that moment I realized I wanted to capture more moments like that.

What started as taking Senior Pictures and including the one thing they loved to do turned into a passion for High School students and capturing their unique personalities, helping them to feel comfortable and loving the end result. 

Parents: My desire is to capture stories and true emotion that when hung on your walls even during chaotic times, like getting ready for work in the morning, making lunches and trying to find the lost shoe you can take a deep breath, take a moment and realize why you are so blessed!

I'm a photographer in North East Ohio and Sessions with Hazel Eyes are like hanging out with your best friend, laughing at really dumb jokes, sitting on a wooden fence sharing an ice cream cone and talking about anything and everything. We will just hang out and you will love the  relaxed feeling along with a little goofiness. You will also love the creative images we create.

Besides spending time with my husband and two boys, I love to get lost in listening to music, or diving into a great book and just getting lost in the story. 
Part of my Logo is a Tree....I love trees - they portray great strength and make me more aware of a connection larger than myself.

A few of my favorite things also include Frogs, Sea Turtles, & drum solo's

I can't wait to learn about you!!!


Thanks for stopping by!

Blessings & Joy,