When should I book the session? As soon as you are ready! I schedule shoots late afternoons during the week or two times on the weekend (10:00 am or after 4:00 pm). Please check the bookings tab for available dates and times.


When is the best time to shoot photos? Morning and late afternoon into dusk. The worst time to capture great photographs is between 12-2 pm unless it's a cloudy day or in an area that is not wide open.


How long are sessions? Most sessions typically last an hour or two. I do offer longer sessions for large groups at an additional cost, see pricing. The session fee includes my time only and does not include prints.


When can I see my proofs? Proofs are ready within 14 days from session.


How do I order? I like to meet with you in person to go over the gallery and talk about your order. I have samples of different products that I will show you and I will guide you in the purchasing process.


When can I receive my order? From the time you place your final order and final payment is received, Photographs are available within 3-4 weeks. Once received we can set a time for pick up.


When is payment due? $50 fee is due at time of shoot and is non-refundable. Depending on your form of payment, the balance is due at time of order or upon delivery. If paying by cash or charge, balance can be paid on delivery. If paying by check, payment must be received before order is placed.


Should I bring any props? Please do! I do have some props so just ask & if I already have it, I will bring it along.


Blemishes or cuts & scrapes? You do not need to re-schedule, if asked, these can be removed.


What should I/We wear? Wear clothes that are comfortable and bring out your best! If you never wear a suit, don't wear one for a photo session. If your a jeans and t-shirt guy or gal - go for it! For groups, try and color coordinate without matching the exact same color, wearing busy patterns or colors that clash with each other. For women, solid colors with a coordinating scarf makes for great photographs. I have great ideas for different size groups if you are unsure just ask or visit my Pinterest page at http://www.pinterest.com/skmilluzzi/photo-shoots-what-to-wear/


Do you offer cards or announcements? I do not, the cost is too high to pass onto my clients; however, you can purchase a jpeg and create your own invitations etc.


***All images remain the copyrighted property of Hazel Eyes Photography***