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Choosing a Photographer

July 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

What kind of photographer should you choose?  

When considering a photographer, you are probably at a point where you are wanting to capture a special milestone or a time to cherish. You know that just a point and shoot photo session is not going to work. Who you choose should be carefully thought about. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What are your needs?

Why do you want your photograph taken?

What would you do with the prints?

If you value Art and Photography, you are going to want this Photographic Art hung in your home from a talented professional for everyone to see! 

As a photographer, I truly value the Art of it. I want to create lasting memories, and moments in time to cherish forever. I feel art should be displayed for loved ones to see and enjoy for a lifetime. My work is important to me and I love doing it. I get so much joy out of meeting my clients, talking about their passions and what is going on their lives. A lot of times when you look at a piece of Art (in this case, a portrait) hanging on your wall, you often think about the moments that surrounded the taking of that particular photograph, you think about how you felt, the emotions, the laughter and the joy.

If Art is not something you value, and what you’re looking for is a quick shoot with digital copies, then I am not the photographer for you…there are so many out there that just do digital, and here are a couple thoughts: What will you do with the digital copies you get? Will you ever take them anywhere to get prints made? What will the quality be like?

You definitely want to pick someone you feel comfortable being around, someone you can spend an hour or two with and someone who will help you to feel relaxed. Because I love what I do, I make sure everyone is comfortable. I will never make a client do something or pose a certain way if they are not comfortable.

Patience is one quality I have and I absolutely love kids!!! With family shoots, sometimes it takes a while to get the shots you want, and that's okay, I will take as long as needed so that the kiddos are warmed up and relaxed. Sometimes waiting creates the best portraits!


Here are some tips to finding and choosing the best photographer for your special occasion:

Word of mouth - ask around, check with your friends. Just because someone has an amazing photo on their wall doesn't mean the experience was great...find out...how was the actual experience? How were the prices and was the photographer good with kids?

Price check - Professional photographers usually give prices up front and don't hide them. There should be no surprises. Keep in mind though, you are not just paying for ink printed on paper, you are paying for talent and experience.

Check their website - See that you like their work and they will supply what you want. What do you want to be holding in your hands? Do they offer prints as well as canvas, metal, and acrylic? Do they just offer digital copies?

Wrapping up.... when you are making a decision to get pictures taken, spend a few minutes to think about what your needs are and what your looking for.

Up next - preparing for a senior shoot!

I appreciate you stopping by

Blessings & Joy!


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