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Happy New Year http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2018/1/happy-new-year Hello!

2017 was a great year for me and the business, I almost doubled my shoots and met some really amazing people.

2018 is going to be awesome!!! I'm in the process of streamlining so that I can really spend quality time with my clients, and my family.  You can now book your initial free consultation, your actual session and your photo reveal session online. No more phone tag or texting back and forth 13 times.  I also now have an electronic business card so I will always have it with me! That is huge for me! I seem to change my bag, purse or wallet frequently and never seem to have cards on me. Now, I can send it to your phone and you will always have it and you can share with your friends!

I want to blog more, that has always been a struggle, so I'm hoping for at least once a week to start.

Thanks for stopping by

Blessings & Joy,


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Andrea http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/11/andrea Meet Andrea!

Andrea is a Columbia Senior and she loves the outdoors, being active, gardening, nature, music and hanging with her friends. Andrea plans on attending Cleveland State to be a pediatric nurse! Andrea is such a beautiful soul inside and out!


2018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-102018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-10 2018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-132018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-13 2018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-182018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-18 2018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-202018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-20    2018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-282018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-28 2018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-332018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-33 2018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-392018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-39 2018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-462018 SENIOR Andrea Parker-46

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Amanda http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/11/amanda Meet Amanda! Amanda is a Columbia Senior, an amazing young lady with a heart of gold! Amanda enjoys working on a farm, horses and anything music. She plays tenors in the Marching band, the Cello and the Tuba. Amanda plans on attending college and majoring in music and is interested in Epidemiology Statistical Diseases. Amanda also loves Spanish!


2018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-22018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-2 2018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-132018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-13 2018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-172018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-17 2018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-232018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-23 2018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-252018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-25 2018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-342018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-34 2018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-Sunflower-42018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-Sunflower-4 2018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-Sunflower-92018 SENIOR Amanda Kile-Sunflower-9

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Chris http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/11/chris Meet Chris, a Columbia senior that loves baseball! Chris also likes working out and playing some video games. Chris works at Five Guys training to be a manager and after high school, Chris plans on attending Ohio University to study Mechanical, Civil Engineering or Architecture.

SENIOR Chris Bowes-2SENIOR Chris Bowes-2 SENIOR Chris Bowes-7SENIOR Chris Bowes-7 SENIOR Chris Bowes-14SENIOR Chris Bowes-14 SENIOR Chris Bowes-31SENIOR Chris Bowes-31 SENIOR Chris Bowes-33SENIOR Chris Bowes-33

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Layne http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/10/layne Meet Layne! A Medina senior who loves Steeler Football, hunting and fishing. Layne plans on attending college to study Criminal Justice.

SENIOR Layne O'Connor-3SENIOR Layne O'Connor-3 SENIOR Layne O'Connor-9SENIOR Layne O'Connor-9 SENIOR Layne O'Connor-12SENIOR Layne O'Connor-12 SENIOR Layne O'Connor-14SENIOR Layne O'Connor-14 SENIOR Layne O'Connor-20SENIOR Layne O'Connor-20


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Game Day http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/10/game-day 2017 Varsity G9 vs Fairview-62017 Varsity G9 vs Fairview-6

Just love Friday night lights

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Troy http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/10/troy Meet Troy!!!

Troy is a Columbia senior who loves playing the guitar. Troy is also a wrestler and likes to travel and hike. After high school Troy plans on attending college and majoring in business. I could have kept shooting for hours while Troy played his guitar, he even sang a little. I've known Troy since he was a little kid and he is such a great young man!

2018 Troy Cassidy-32018 Troy Cassidy-3 2018 Troy Cassidy-52018 Troy Cassidy-5 2018 Troy Cassidy-82018 Troy Cassidy-8 2018 Troy Cassidy-122018 Troy Cassidy-12 2018 Troy Cassidy-142018 Troy Cassidy-14 2018 Troy Cassidy-162018 Troy Cassidy-16 2018 Troy Cassidy-202018 Troy Cassidy-20 2018 Troy Cassidy-222018 Troy Cassidy-22 2018 Troy Cassidy-252018 Troy Cassidy-25 2018 Troy Cassidy-282018 Troy Cassidy-28 2018 Troy Cassidy-302018 Troy Cassidy-30 2018 Troy Cassidy-322018 Troy Cassidy-32

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Luke http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/10/luke Luke!!! This little man is just the cutest, and man does he love pumpkins!!! This shoot was so much fun and Luke was amazing, it was a blast just following him around.


Luke-15Luke-15 Luke-24Luke-24 Luke-28Luke-28 Luke-32Luke-32 Luke-35Luke-35 Luke-40Luke-40 Luke-49Luke-49 Luke-54Luke-54 Luke-57Luke-57 Luke-61Luke-61 Luke-73Luke-73 Luke-80Luke-80 Luke-84Luke-84 Luke-87Luke-87

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Erik http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/10/erik Meet Erik - a Columbia Senior! Erik plays soccer and is in the Marching Band's Drumline. Erik is such a sweet young man who plans to attend college (looking at Ohio State) and wants to work in sports statistics, particularly football. Erik is also a huge fan of Hot Cheetos!

2018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-132018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-13 2018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-322018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-32 2018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-382018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-38 2018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-472018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-47 2018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-682018 SENIOR Erik Tallos-68 Erik Band G1 Edited-1Erik Band G1 Edited-1

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Jordan http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/10/jordan This is Jordan, an amazing, vibrant, fun and sweet young lady I just adore!

We did her shoot at Memphis Kiddie Park and it was SO.MUCH.FUN

2018 SENIOR JordanWasko CAROUSEL-152018 SENIOR JordanWasko CAROUSEL-15 2018 SENIOR JordanWasko COASTER-42018 SENIOR JordanWasko COASTER-4 2018 SENIOR JordanWasko COASTER-122018 SENIOR JordanWasko COASTER-12 2018 SENIOR JordanWasko-22018 SENIOR JordanWasko-2 2018 SENIOR JordanWasko-112018 SENIOR JordanWasko-11 2018 SENIOR JordanWasko-252018 SENIOR JordanWasko-25 SENIOR Jordan Wasko Cheer Session-8SENIOR Jordan Wasko Cheer Session-8 SENIOR Jordan Wasko Cheer Session-36SENIOR Jordan Wasko Cheer Session-36

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Seniors 2018 http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/7/seniors-2018 Get ready 2018 Seniors! Hazel Eyes Photography is ready for another exciting year! I have new locations, tons of pose idea's and some new props to make your shoot uniquely YOU! There is no pressure, my sessions are relaxing yet fun, like hanging out with your friends (almost). Call to book your session today.

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Josh & Jordyn http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/6/josh-jordyn Meet Josh and Jordyn, twin brother/sister graduates from Brunswick. Josh will be moving to California to work in the construction field and Jordyn will be attending Bowling Green and double majoring in Nutrition Sciences and German.

2017 SENIOR Jordyn Pitcher-82017 SENIOR Jordyn Pitcher-8 2017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-22017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-2 2017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-32017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-3 2017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-42017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-4 2017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-92017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-9 2017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-362017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-36 2017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-432017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-43 2017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-512017 SENIOR Josh and Jordyn-51

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Halle http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/6/halle Meet Halle, a Columbia 2017 graduate. Halle loves to paint and play volleyball & Softball. Halle will be attending Ohio University and studying Science or Physical Therapy. 


2017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 82017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 8 2017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 122017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 12 2017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 152017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 15 2017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 192017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 19 2017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 292017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 29 2017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 342017 SENIOR Halle Campbell 34

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Emily http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/6/emily Meet Emily, an awesome young lady from Valley City who went to the JVS for Chef and Restaurant Management. Emily would like to become a Police Officer, loves everyone and enjoys watching old episodes of Lost with her mom, who happens to be one of my best friends from high school!


2017 SENIOR Emily Stoskopf-52017 SENIOR Emily Stoskopf-5 2017 SENIOR Emily Stoskopf-82017 SENIOR Emily Stoskopf-8 2017 SENIOR Emily Stoskopf-132017 SENIOR Emily Stoskopf-13

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Morgan http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/6/morgan Meet Morgan, Columbia Senior. I just love her smile and personality, she is super sweet and has a heart of gold! Morgan plans to attend college and become a surgical nurse.


2017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-12017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-1 2017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-62017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-6 2017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-152017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-15 2017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-272017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-27 2017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-312017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-31 2017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-352017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-35 2017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-362017 SENIOR Morgan Elek-36

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Alex http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/6/alex Meet Alex a 2017 graduate of Olmsted Falls. Alex loves to hike and explore and is joining the United States Air Force!


2017 Senior Alex-72017 Senior Alex-7 2017 Senior Alex-272017 Senior Alex-27 2017 Senior Alex-402017 Senior Alex-40 2017 Senior Alex-44 edited2017 Senior Alex-44 edited 2017 Senior Alex-54 edited2017 Senior Alex-54 edited


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Youth Baseball & Softball http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/6/youth-baseball-softball Here are some team pic's from this years Youth baseball/softball season more to come!


2017 HotStove STAIR-242017 HotStove STAIR-24 2017 Hot Stove Friscone-202017 Hot Stove Friscone-20 2017 Hot Stove JANKE-242017 Hot Stove JANKE-24



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Keith http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/5/keith Keith - Charming, Kind and Funny

SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-1SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-1 SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-16SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-16 SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-18SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-18 SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-32SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-32 SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-39SENIOR_2017_KeithWashington_FINALS-39




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Chanara http://www.myhazeleyes.com/blog/2017/5/chanara Meet Chanara! What a fun, vibrant and energetic young lady! Chanara attends Strongsville High School and loves the park, bowling and food places.

Chanara is going to attend school and study to work in the Crime Scene Technician field.


2017 Senior Chanara Final-162017 Senior Chanara Final-16 2017 Senior Chanara Final-18.52017 Senior Chanara Final-18.5 2017 Senior Chanara Final-302017 Senior Chanara Final-30 2017 Senior Chanara Final-422017 Senior Chanara Final-42 2017 Senior Chanara Final-462017 Senior Chanara Final-46 2017 Senior Chanara Final-542017 Senior Chanara Final-54 2017 Senior Chanara Final-732017 Senior Chanara Final-73 2017 Senior Chanara Final-79.52017 Senior Chanara Final-79.5 2017 Senior Chanara Final-792017 Senior Chanara Final-79

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